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I was introduced to books in 5th Grade when our teacher read us A Wrinkle In Time. Never really looked back.

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The Twelfth Child - Bette Lee Crosby I like the books written by Ms. Crosby -- I know that I am going to enjoy the ride no matter what the subject matter or plot. The characters, stories, and dialogue draw you into another world, and won't let you go until the final page has turned. Otherwise, there was little to draw me to this story of an Appalachian girl growing up alone after running away from home to avoid an inevitable marriage.

I always find wonderful quotes in Ms. Crosby's books, and this one was no exception. The odd thing was that when I went back and looked, my two favorite were on the same page!

"If there's such a thing as poking a wish through the gates of Heaven and having it land on person, I could swear it happened at that precise moment."

This one immediately draws to mind some people I have known in my life, and I will now always think of them as cotton candy!

"She was like spun cotton candy, you couldn't help but love the sweetness of her, but she wasn't the least bit practical."

I removed one star mostly because of a legal/courtroom plot line that bogged down the story for me. It was used as a means to bring some characters together, and to allow the antagonist some influence, but I would have been just as happy without it.

I look forward to reading many more novels by Ms. Crosby, and I think I have one more older novel to read while waiting for her next!