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I was introduced to books in 5th Grade when our teacher read us A Wrinkle In Time. Never really looked back.

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The Lust Lizard Of Melancholy Cove - Christopher Moore Nothing like a Christopher Moore break when the reading is getting a little thick.

You basic ancient sea creature terrorizing a town and being swept off his (her?) feet by Kendra: Warrior Babe of the Outland.

There's sex, drugs (both medicinal and recreational), blues, art, biology, murder and death; just about everything you could want in a nice comical romp.

My favorite part of Mr. Moore's books is that he follows the rules of a Greek comedy, meaning that the protagonist tends to be an every-man, and yet wins in the end. There is something soothing and appealing in that to me.

I have read a lot of Mr. Moore's books, and I would rate this one in the top 10. Have fun!