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I was introduced to books in 5th Grade when our teacher read us A Wrinkle In Time. Never really looked back.

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A Discovery of Witches - Deborah Harkness [soapbox] While I knew I was getting into a tale of witches, and vampires and demons from the beginning, I did not realize that this was book one of a trilogy. So at a point about two-thirds through the book I suddenly realized that this wonderful story could not come to a conclusion in the pages left. I then found myself limping my way to the ending, knowing it was all a set-up. [/soapbox]

I found myself drawn into this story of a young, well-educated, historian that was doing her best to squelch the magical impulses of her family heritage; a long line of powerful witches.

I felt that even in a genre heavily played-out that there was a freshness to the witch culture, the vampire mystique and the demon playfulness. These were not the normal stereotypes playing out typical roles. The interaction between these creatures (races? cultures?) becomes part of the core of the story.

Ms. Harkins has a nice writing style that moved well from the hall of academia to the highlands of Europe.

As much as I hate to admit it, I would really like to read how the story unfolds. Perhaps I'll read the Cliff-notes for book 2, and just wait to read the "thrilling conclusion".