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I was introduced to books in 5th Grade when our teacher read us A Wrinkle In Time. Never really looked back.

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Altar of Eden - James Rollins I've been meaning to read one of Mr. Rollins' books for quite a while. They looked like action/adventure without the politics and intrigue of so many other authors. Well, I certainly got what I asked for; with a spunky, independent lead (female!) character; a smattering of science; an assortment of action scenes; a grizzled, scarred bad guy; and a decent narrative.

This particular story involved genetic engineering, exotic animals, and mysterious military implications. The character development was good, dialogue was great and the science felt real. The setting in New Orleans and the Mississippi delta was deep-rooted and formed a nice foundation for the story.

I must be a little spatially challenged, because often during battle scenes, and even building chases I find I lose perspective and just read through them with no sense of placement. Here, the action scenes were set up well, and although there there were plenty of big guns and explosions, the narrative was easy to understand and the movements logical.

I found myself absorbed in the story and I flew through this book at a very fast pace. Can't say I gained any new understanding of the human condition, but I sure did enjoy myself for those hours! I picked up a couple more of his books, and I am looking forward to spending a few more days wasted on some fun reads.