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Daemon - Daniel Suarez I've waited a little while after reading this to pen a review. Part of that was due to my disappointment in the ending, and part was due to spending too many hours daydreaming of computer hacking and internet worms.

I have worked in technology for almost 30 years, and I still remember the thrill when I chatted with another user from Europe on a BBS from my office using my 300-Baud dial-up modem. (I you are under 30 that whole sentence probably sounds strange. A BBS, or "bulletin board system" was a computer system that users could dial into and then chat, or share files with other users.)

From 300-baud on to 1200, 9600, 19.2K, and then cable modems and DSL, and now my e-reader and blackberry, the idea of connecting keeps progressing. Mr. Suarez takes an interesting look at what could be done with this technology if one were smart enough, wealthy enough, eccentric enough (and crazy enough) to push it to its limits.

The story starts out wonderfully, with lots of extreme technology, a few deaths, and some a good old-fashion mystery. We then follow a group of characters, some inside the technology and others outside, as they move through their own story-lines and continue moving towards the ultimate battles regarding a "daemon" program let loose on the world.

The players involved grow to include international banking companies, organized crime, internet gambling sites, the government and the military. This is some interesting speculation on how connected we have all become, and what danger this could represent.

With all these paths moving forward, and a dark cloud forming, I started to get that sinking feeling that there were not enough pages in the book to finish the story (am I the only one that starts to notice this when reading a big book?) The ending certainly wasn't a cop-out, but it took a couple of quick turns that were unexpected.

So the ending was a little bit of a let-down for me, but the adventure that took me there was well worth the ride. I certainly plan to check out the next release from this interesting author.